Quality Service Since 1954

In 1946, Carman Fielding Sr. established Carman Fielding Construction Company to provide equipment rentals and aggregate sales to INCO and local municipalities.

IIn 1954, he established Carman Construction Limited and expanded services to the Mining Industry throughout Northern Ontario.

Carman Construction Inc. was established in 1982, with Carman G.A. Fielding Jr. being elected President and Albert Laderoute elected Vice President.

A further management change in 2001 saw Carman Dean Fielding elected as President, and Carman G.A. Fielding Jr. as Vice President.

Today the fourth generation has started to take on a management role with Carman Alexander Fielding becoming Vice President of Operations in 2019. Carman G.A. Fielding Jr. is still active, taking on an advisory role.

Over the years, Carman Construction Inc. has successfully managed fluctuating economic and seasonal conditions. Carman has supervised numerous sub-contractors and overseen a seasonal work force ranging between 30-150 employees, accumulating over 2.6 million man hrs or an approximate average of 130,000-man hours per year with zero lost-time hours since 2000.

Established in 1954

Over the years, Carman Construction Inc. has expanded its operations to fulfill its clients’ needs in:

  • General Contracting
  • Open Pit Mining
  • Earth Fill Berm Construction
  • Site Development
  • Environmental Reclamation and Site Decommissioning
  • Mine Backfill (Rock, Sand & Paste)
  • Material Processing
  • Aggregate Supply
  • Mining, Forestry & Municipal Requirements for Site Development, Water & Sewer, Foundation Preparation
  • Equipment Rentals (Operated & Un-operated)

George Petahtegoose

37 Years Service • Outstanding Leadership • Impeccable Safety Record

Community relationships have been important for Carman Construction Inc. since its early days – a tradition that carries on today. Carman has worked closely with the ATIKAMEKSHENG-ANISHMANWBEK (formerly Whitefish Lake First Nation) and the WAHNAPITAE First Nation. So valued is this relationship, that Carman Fielding Sr. was named honorary Chief for a Day. The Whitefish Lake First Nation Community gave Carman the title “ASWESKONG”, which when translated means “man who is into everything”.

George Petahtegoose

Our present fleet of equipment is comprised of over 135 pieces, ranging from 5 Tonne to 165 Tonne units. The company has had multiple projects for all of the major mining and resource-based companies in Ontario.

We have completed projects with various revenues that have ranged in the mid to high 8-digit values annually.

A short list of present and past clients include:

Vale Canada Limited (formerly Inco Limited)
Gold Corp.
Porcupine Joint Venture
Gowest Gold Ltd
Ontario Hydro
Ministry of Natural Resources of Ontario
Ministry of Transportation of Ontario
Inco Geological
Fisher Wavy
Williams Operating Mine
Teck Corp
Hemlo Gold Mines
The City of Greater Sudbury
Town of Walden
E.B. Eddy
Rio Algom
Denison Mines
Niiwin GP Inc