General Contractor

Carman Construction Inc. operates as a General Contractor within, but not limited to, the mining and construction sectors. Our experience over the past seven decades has consistently enabled us to provide timely and cost-conscious results for our customers while maintaining an exceptional safety record. Carman can provide the planning, material, equipment and manpower to get any job done right and on schedule.

Open Pit Mining

Carman Construction Inc. has operated numerous open pit projects and quarries for various customers over the past seven decades. Carman can provide a complete package from site development, drilling and blasting, dewatering, material extraction, ore enhancement, aggregate processing, to product delivery.

Berm, Dam & Pond Construction

Carman Construction Inc. has constructed hundreds of earth dams, berms and ponds for the mining and industrial sector. Works generally include stripping, grubbing, excavation, haulage and placement of aggregates as well as the supply and installation of geotextile fabrics and HDPE liners. Having both the capacity and experience, Carman can offer timely installation along with the expertise to ensure that any project can be completed safely and efficiently.

Site Development

Carman Construction Inc. has a long history of site development within the local mining and industrial sectors. These include the early days of Clarabelle Mill and more recently, the Vale (formerly INCO) No. 4 Oxygen Plant. Depending on the scope of the project, whether it is for a Mine, Mill or Dam project, Carman has provided road access, site clearing, dewatering, drilling/blasting, excavation, grading, backfilling and other works in the development of these sites. Carman has also developed both forestry and municipal sites, which have included road building, water and sewer work, as well as foundation preparation.

Environmental Reclamation & Site Decommissioning

Carman Construction Inc. continues to be a leader in environmental reclamation and site decommissioning projects throughout Ontario. The re-greening of the Vale (formerly INCO) Slag Dump along the Big Nickel bypass is a well-known example of our reclamation work. Decommissioning works include the closure and rehabilitation of mines, quarries, tailings and processing facilities.

Mine Backfill

Carman Construction Inc. can provide the complete backfill package including design, construction, maintenance and operation of backfill facilities. Such requirements may be simply rock backfill or a complete sand/paste backfill to top-of-hole operation. Carman has provided services in Hemlo, Kirkland Lake, Sudbury, Timmins and Levack to name just a few.

Material Processing

Carman Construction Inc. has the equipment and know-how to solve your material handling needs. Our fleet includes an extensive list of equipment such as crushers, screening plants, breakers, conveyors, articulated trucks, excavators, dozers and loaders. Services can include crushing, screening, stockpiling and delivery to on-site or off-site facilities.

Aggregate Supply

Carman Construction Inc. has owned and operated numerous quarries and open pits from its inception. Carman has distributed a variety of aggregates to the mining, forestry and construction sectors. Our expertise in this area goes back to the origins of Carman Construction Inc where we developed and produced quartz quarries near Panache Lake in the 1950’s.

Equipment Rentals

Carman Construction Inc. has over 135 pieces of equipment that can be rented with or without an operator. These include excavators, dozers, loaders, articulating trucks, skid steers, rubber-tire backhoes, crushers, graders, screening plants, water trucks, sanders, hydraulic breakers, drills, wash trucks and compactors. We also provide expertise on the best-suited equipment for any particular task.

Pipeline Construction

Carman Construction Inc. has supplied, installed, maintained and relocated various pipelines ranging from 4" to 42", and pipe ratings ranging from DR9 to DR17 HDPE.